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Here are some of the Apps I like and use on a daily or regular basis:

  • Number one is definitely Tasker. Everytime I reinstall or power on a new device the firtst App I install is Tasker 😉
  • The second App (or more correct: Apps) is the AutoApps Hub (and of course all the AutoApps)
  • The next one is the Google Suite (which is Hangouts, Google+, Now, YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Keep, Drive)
  • As a Twitter client I used Falcon Pro, but switched to Fenix lately
  • To save articles or sites to read them later I’m using ReadItLater, Pocket, as it’s now called
  • To stay in touch (beside Hangouts) I’m using Telegram (or for some special cases Xabber)
  • As a RSS reader I’m using feedly
  • As my primary file manager I’m using File Manager because you could connect to FTP, webDav, and some cloud spaces and copy files from one account to another
  • As a security app I’m using Sophos, which notifies you if you’re opening a low reputation app
  • If you need SSH access to a server I can recommend JuiceSSH
  • For automating my social media accounts I’m using IFTTT
  • For some files – especially if I want to share something publicly – I’m using Dropbox
  • Offi (or original Öffi) is a great app for public transport information
I’m also customizing a lot. Here are the Apps I’m currently using to make my phone (or tablet) look better:
  • AcDisply
  • Andmade Share
  • Carbonn Theme  (prioir: Android L Dark Theme)
  • DashClock widget
  • Minimalistic Text
  • Nova Launcher
  • Popup Widget
  • SwiftKey (Spotlight Blue Theme)
  • Xposed Framework (be careful!!)
  • Trigger
  • Voxel
  • PowerToggles (which replaced Widgetsoid after a long time)
  • Zooper Widget
Media apps:
  • Spotify
  • SoundCloud
  • Google music
  • VLC
  • MXPlayer
Xposed Modeules:
  • ActivityForceNewTask
  • Google Search API
  • Tinted Status Bar
  • NFC Lockscreen off
  • VPNDialog